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"Am I really going to die?"

Doctors told Linda Wolstenholme that the cancer in her body was beyond cure. But people were praying for her...

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In August 2006 I had a prophecy from God which revealed I would be going through some difficult things, that it would be hard but I would come through it and would be able to testify about it and help others. Of course I immediately forgot about it, not even telling my husband, and just got on with life as you do.

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In February 2007 I started to have tests for something that didn’t seem quite right health-wise, and subsequently had some exploratory operations. In April 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. The cancer, adenocarcinoma, was extremely rare, very nasty and aggressive, and this particular type of cancer was ‘almost unheard of in the bladder’. To make matters worse, the doctors did not believe it was treatable with chemotherapy and stated they had no other option than to operate. This was fine by me, reluctantly, as I just did not want any chemo.

Little did I realise how big the operation was to be. The surgeons planned to remove my bladder, my womb, my ovaries and various other bits and pieces. After that they were going to take a piece of my bowel and reshape it into a new bladder. Understand, the bladder is a muscle but the bowel is not, and so I was going to have to learn how to control the reshaped tissue after the operation. The procedure was going to take 12 hours and I would be in hospital for six weeks or more depending how I got on with the new bladder training. In all it was going to take about a year to get back to anything near normal.

Prior to the operation my prayer had been that the surgeons would open me up and see that there was no cancer after all. However, three hours into the actual operation they decided to stop as they said the cancer had spread and felt it unfair to put me through such a big operation which would not result in a cure. They stitched me back together again.

Linda text The following day the doctors came to tell me about the operation. They told me how sorry they were but that they couldn’t help me any further. I asked them if what they really meant was that I was going to die? Their answer was, “Sorry, but yes”! My reply to them was that they may not be able to heal me but I know God can! The doctors then said that the original symptoms I had would reappear between that day and three months and that the symptoms as the cancer spread to other parts of my body would appear in four to six months.

Five days after the operation, which took place the 18th July 2007, I went home.

Now, thousands of people were praying for me all around the world, people I didn’t even know. For this I was so, so grateful.

On my next visit to the hospital the doctors wanted me to immediately start chemotherapy and then go on to have radiotherapy to treat the cancer, which they said was now in my bloodstream. Well, I didn’t want it before the big operation and I certainly didn’t want it after the operation, so I declined it. Everyone, especially my husband, was encouraging me to have the chemo and even the Church leadership recommended I take the treatment. However, I just didn’t want it as I was certain that God had already said I would get through all this and so I knew I would be alright. When He says something ‘IT IS’!

Anyway, it has now been 20 months since the big operation, I’ve had no treatment whatsoever, and I continue to be fit and well with none of the symptoms returning. What Jesus has done for me he can do for YOU!


- Linda Wolstenholme

Update - February 2013

Although Linda was completely healed in July 2007, and was still clear of cancer at subsequent check-ups three years later, the cancer eventually returned and she passed away just before Christmas 2012.

We join with her husband, Tom, in giving thanks for her life, and that God gave her five more years through the miraculous healing that took place in 2007. When we have faith in Christ, we know that death is not the end, and that we shall see each other one day in heaven. For Jesus said, "He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." (John 11:25,26)

The original version of Linda's testimony appears here. Text and images ©Tom and Linda Wolstenholme.

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